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KPOP: Asia’s Popular Music

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Why is music from Korea becoming so popular around the world? Ryan Geertsma and Liz Waid look at Korean popular culture.

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Strange Jobs

Window washers on Willis Tower

Robin Basselin and Ryan Geertsma explore some of the strange jobs that people have around the world.

Protecting Culture in Malawi

Chongoni Rock Art

Do you think it is important to protect ancient things from your country? Ryan Geertsma and Liz Waid look at the man who does this job in Malawi: Moses Mkumpha.

Song About Hanoi

Still from "Oi Gioi Oi"

Liz Waid and Adam Navis share a love song to the Vietnamese city of Hanoi.

The Origin of Spotlight

Mike Procter, recording the first Spotlight programs

Have you ever wondered when and how Spotlight started? Colin Lowther and Liz Waid take us into the past, to look at Spotlight’s origin almost twenty years ago.

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