Spotlight’s Christmas Word List

In this English learning blog, we have talked about how to memorize vocabulary. We have talked about how to improve your English conversation skills. But we also get to talk about Christmas! 

People all over the world celebrate Christmas. We have Christmas foods. We have Christmas songs. We tell Christmas stories. In all these celebrations and traditions there are many different words. But in this blog post, we would like to share a Christmas word list with you that tells about some of these words! 

How many of these words do you already know?

Advent – n. in the Christian religion: the period of the four weeks before Christmas

angel – n. a spirit who is sent by God, usually as a messenger

announcement – n. Something that is communicated publicly; something that is declared officially

bells – n. an instrument that makes a musical sound 

Bethlehem – n. the town where Jesus was born

candy canes – n. a stick of hard red and white sugar with a curved end

candy canes

celebrate – v. to do something enjoyable for a holiday or special event; to honor a person or event with special activities

chimney – n. a part of a building that allows smoke from a fire to rise out into the outside air, especially the part that is above the roof

Christmas cookies – n. a sweet baked food that is usually small, flat, and round and is made with flour and sugar, especially made at Christmastime

Christmas tree – n. an evergreen tree that people put in their houses and decorate for Christmas

christmas tree

December – n. the last month of the year

decorations – n. something that looks nice or pretty that you put in a place or on top of something to make it look more attractive

happy – adj. pleased; satisfied; feeling good; not sad

holly – n. A small tree with dark green leaves and bright red berries, especially used to decorate at Christmas

holy – adj. connected to God in religion; very religious or morally good

holy family

jolly – adj. full of happiness and joy; happy and cheerful

lights – n. small white or differently colored electric lights spaced evenly along a cable and used for decoration, especially at Christmas.

merry – adj. happy and full of cheer

miracle  – n .a wonderful work done by the power of God

Noel – n. another word for Christmas, Noel comes from a latin verb meaning “to be born”

presents – n. something you give to someone, often to celebrate a special event


reindeer – n. a large kind of deer that lives in cold northern areas of the world

Rudolph – n. the name of a character in the popular Christmas story and song called “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

sled – n. (mostly US) a small vehicle that is used for moving over snow and ice, most often used by children

snowflakes – n. soft, white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky, usually in winter or when the air temperature is very cold

star – n. a mass of gas that usually appears as a small light in the sky at night, but is not a planet; in the Christmas story, a sign that led people to the baby Jesus

toys – n. something a child plays with

children playing with toys

winter – n. the coldest time of year, between autumn and spring

wrapping paper – n. colored paper that you use to wrap presents

wreath – n. an arrangement of leaves, flowers, fruits, etc., in the shape of a circle that people use to decorate their houses at Christmastime

Now that you know these words, visit some of our Christmas programs linked above and see if you can recognize any of these words!

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Spotlight English!

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