What are people saying about Spotlight?

“It’s a good method for learning english and at the same time I can learn different things that happens around the world, culture and history as well I like the rhythm, voices and music. It’s easy to understand also I like the special English of broadcasting that they use! If you can use it, go ahead!” -Juan M. (Guatemala)

“I love Spotlight, it’s a good method for learning english. I’m learning English everyday by Spotlight English” -Le Vi-et (Vietnam)

“I just want to say that the Spotlight program is very very useful to me and some of my friends. Listening to the program every morning has become my daily habit. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand anything because my English was so terrible, but I loved the voice of the broadcasters so I just closed my eyes listened to every broadcast. And one day I was so surprised when my tear falling down when I listened to the program called Return to the Amazon. Finally, I understood the story, I was so happy and I shared spotlight radio to all of my friends and my relatives who are interested in learning English. I feel so happy because my English is getting better day by day thanks to the Spotlight.” -Bich Lien V.T.

“One of the most useful page I’ve found!! It’s really cool.” -Juvianny E. (Malta)

“Great! I listened Spotlight Radio everyday before go to bed and my listening skill has been improved so much. Thank you! Five stars!” -Vo Ngoc T.D.