Move forward with Spotlight English

I want to learn English. Can Spotlight help me?

Spotlight helps people practice their English. Spotlight does not teach English. Spotlight can be helpful to practice reading, listening and speaking. This is how many people use Spotlight to improve their English: 

  1. Listen to the programme. 
  2. Read the programme.
  3. Then read the programme out loud as you listen again. This is very helpful for your English pronunciation.

How can I improve my spoken English?

You need to practice speaking English every day. You can find our programs and a moving script on the Spotlight YouTube channel. You can read out loud with us. This can improve your confidence in speaking English.  You can also record yourself reading our programmes. Then you can hear how your speaking skills improve over time.

How can I improve my written English?

You need to practice your writing. You can do this in several ways with Spotlight:

  1. You can print out the script for a program. Underline words you do not understand. Look up the meaning of each word. Then write out a sentence using each word.
  2. You can make comments on our website about each programme.
  3. You can also comment on Facebook and YouTube.
  4. You can write to us at contact@spotlightenglish.com

How can I meet other people who want to improve their English?

You can join the Spotlight Facebook page. Many people who are learning English enjoy belonging to our Facebook community. They enjoy connecting with other people who want to improve their English.

How can I receive your email newsletter?

To receive our email newsletter you just enter your email address at the bottom of our website page where it says “Subscribe to the Spotlight Newsletter.”

Can you help me with English grammar?

We are an English practice program. We do not teach grammar. But our ‘Word of the Day’ videos do explain some parts of English grammar.  Look for our ‘Word of the Day’ playlists on YouTube.

I teach English as a foreign language. Can I use Spotlight in my classes with students?

We are always pleased to hear from teachers who like our materials and want to use them with their students. We are happy for you to use our Spotlight programs as part of your teaching resources.  However we ask that you acknowledge Spotlight and make your students aware of our website. We also ask that you do not post our programs on any other website, media platform, or use our programs to make your own videos. 

Can I use Spotlight programmes to create my own videos or Apps?


I want to hear Spotlight spoken at a faster speed.

Our classic Spotlight programs are spoken slowly and clearly at about half normal speed. But we also produce the same program spoken at a faster, more natural speed. These faster programs are called ‘Spotlight Advanced’.  Spotlight Advanced programs are available as a playlist on the Spotlight YouTube channel. They are also available whenever you get your podcasts (Spotify, Apple Podcasts)

My English has improved. I want more challenge. What can Spotlight do to help me?

You can listen to Spotlight at a faster speed with Spotlight Advanced (see above).

Every month Liz Waid and Adam Navis hold ‘Spotlight Live’ sessions on Facebook and YouTube. They speak at a normal conversation speed. To see these sessions make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or just look for ‘Spotlight Radio’ on Facebook.

Explore our YouTube channel. In addition to our programs, you can also find our ‘Word of the Day’ videos, and videos about idioms, the differences between UK and US English etc.

I have a problem with the App.

Please check that you are using the most recent version of our official app.

I have a different question. Please help me.

We will try to help you. Please write to the Spotlight team at contact@spotlightenglish.com