Tips for a Healthy Adult: How to Recover From an Injury

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Do you know how to help your body recover from an injury? This is the 5th program in our series about Tips for Healthy Living. In this program we look at what it takes to be a healthy adult and how you can keep your body healthy.

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Welcome to Spotlight. I’m Colin Lowther.

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Have you ever seen a person try to stand up and then make this sound? Did it make you think they were old? Did it make you wonder what happened to them? As we grow, our bodies become less able to move. We must slow down when we move or exercise or play sport. We must be careful. If we are not careful, we can hurt our neck, our knees, or our back. When this happens, it can take weeks or even months to feel better. And even simple things, like sitting down, become a problem. This does not only happen to much older people. It starts happening as we enter adulthood.

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This program is part of a series of programs called Tips for a Healthy Life. Other programs focused on pregnancy, the first year of life, childhood, and the teenage years. Today’s Spotlight is on how to live a healthy adult life and recover from injury.

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Before we begin, we should note that all information in this program is not meant to replace going to a doctor. If you have a serious injury or sickness, you should go to a doctor for help.

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The human body is an amazing thing. It can fix itself. This is a miracle that most people do not think about. Julie K. Silver is a doctor who specializes in helping people recover after serious sickness or injury. She is amazed at how the human body works to repair itself after an injury. She wrote for

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“Your body works hard to help you recover. Even if you do little to help the process along. There is a lot happening in your body, both day and night, to help you to heal. When you are injured, white blood cells go to the injury to stop things getting worse. Other blood cells remove dead cells and help to control inflammation. If you break a bone, bone cells build the rough edges back together. There are so many cells assisting us in healing that we could never count them all. These processes happen on their own. But there are things smart patients can do to speed and strengthen their recovery.”

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So what are these things that can help people heal faster and better? The first and best thing you can do is to sleep more. Everyone knows that a good night of sleep makes you feel great. But scientists in many different fields of study believe sleep helps in growth, recovery, and mental health. Most healthy people are not getting enough sleep. And Dr. Silver says that people recovering from an injury need even more. She says,

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“If you are like most people, you need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. During sickness you may need more rest than that. Your body’s healing processes require sleep to work. For example, your body produces the chemical melatonin when you sleep. This chemical increases your immune system and helps repair your body. It may even help prevent some forms of cancer. But if you are not sleeping enough at night, your melatonin levels can be reduced.”

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The next tip for recovering after injury is to continue to move in healthy ways. Do not make the injury worse. Many athletes continue to exercise and play sport when they are injured. They do not know the difference between pain from effort and pain from injury. In these cases, they may need total rest. But many experts say that light activity can help people heal faster. In fact, a study from 2005 showed that wounds healed faster when people moved.

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Researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus studied a group of older adults from ages 55 to 77. All the adults were healthy. During the study, about half of the adults exercised three times a week for three months. The other half did not exercise during this time. Each person in the study also received a small but deep wound on the upper part of their arm. Researchers took pictures of the wound over time as it healed. And the adults recorded their exercise. At the end of the study, researchers discovered something amazing. The wounds of the people who exercised healed about ten days faster than the wounds of the people who did not exercise.

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The next tip to recover after an injury is to eat good food and drink enough water. Food is the first medicine. What we put in our bodies becomes our bodies. Foods like fish, eggs, and yogurt can help with broken bones. Meat, nuts, and seeds can help our blood. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. Vitamin C helps people stay healthy and heal from cuts on the skin. Eating good food is important for all people. And it is very important when recovering from a sickness or injury.

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The final tip to help recover after an injury is to work on the mental parts of recovery. An injury often requires us to change the way we live. This can be frustrating. We want to be able to live at the same fast speed that we always did. But an injury can make us slow down. Carrie Cheadle is a professor of sports psychology at John F. Kennedy University. She told Outside Magazine how people cannot deny what it will take to recover. She says:

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“You should not ignore the frustration and sadness that come with injury. But you should look at all the good things in your life. Let yourself have some joy. It makes you understand that everything is not horrible. It is often as simple as focusing on something that makes you happy that is not exercise or sport. You may even try keeping a journal and writing down three things you are thankful for every night. This can help move your thoughts away from your injury.”

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Have you ever had an injury? What did you do to recover? Tell us what you think. You can leave a comment on our website. Or email us at You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

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The writer of this program was Adam Navis. The producer was Michio Ozaki. The voices you heard were from the United Kingdom and the United States. All quotes were adapted for this program and voiced by Spotlight. You can listen to this program again, and read it, on the internet at This program is called, ‘Tips for a Healthy Adult: How to Recover From an Injury’.

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Have you ever had a serious injury? What helped you recover?

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  • Yes, I had big injury it was in my feet, for that I couldn’t walk for week, and I went to the hospital
    every day to got the treatment, I forget the detail because this is happened from 9 years.

  • Thanks for my God! I have never had a serious injury. In my opinion , people have to support the conversation with God every time and it helps them to win different difficulties in every accident of their life not only about health.

  • Unluckily, recently I have gone through a severe accident which severely hit me and broke my femur bone. The life I was living before this incident was very fast. I never took a break of more than 30 minutes throughout the day. But this thing slowed me down. Now I even can’t move. But in this program I have got an idea there are still many things that I can do to divert my thoughts from my injury. But being teenager, it is very difficult to do so.

  • i totally agree with you about we need to sleep enough everyday and when we have injury, we need to sleep much more for supporting faster recovery.

  • I totally agree with you. Exercises make us stronger and healthier. I do yoga every day in the morning. I hardly recommend everyone trying yoga for healthy living.
    Thank you for your great work.

  • Hi .Once I had my arm was difficult to work only with left hand ,after one month my broken hand healed
    10 years ago I had an operation on my heart ,I was not able to stay at home for long time , for this reason after 10 days resting in bed I attended in my work place , and now I have forgotten both those events, I am retired and for the moment my best activity is gardening, photographing,going to mountains and internet.

  • Wow, how nice! This program was great! It helped me to improve my listen and also it helps me to increase my knowledge.

  • When I was a junior high schoo student. When I was enjoying chatting with friends while toying glass milk botles, one of the botles broke and sharp edge of a glass stabbed my left hand, near wrist. My left hand got paralyzed and three fingers except thumb and index finger wouldn’t move. I was so disappointed not to keep playing basket ball and guitar. Almost ten years after this incident I had kept trying gripping practice to regain physical strenght with hand grip. And now my left hand movement has recovered almost 90 persent.

  • One time when I was at middle school my leg was broken and I stood 3 months to recover it
    What helped me to recover or what did I do to recover ? waited and eat healthy food like vegetables, meat, yogurt ,seed and sleep well

  • Yes, I had injury and it’s not horrible I hurt my finger with a class after that I went to the doctor and he fix the injury so it takes around two weeks to recover

  • I have some injuries but it is not serious. Thanks to the care of my parents, I had to recover very fast. To my mind, mental health is so important during my recovery period. I agree with Ms. Carrie Cheadle because everything is not as terrible as you think, I often look at all the good things. Additionally, I also eat some good food, enough sleep and drink enough water.

  • I have nerver had serious injuries. But, when my body was sickness, I try to sleep more, using medicine and rest.

  • I’m so lucky , I Never had an injury before but I Remember when i was young , me and my big brother we make an accident , He get so big injury and me not even scratch

  • Of course I had some injuries everybody had one actually I didn’t do anything to recover from the wounds It recovered it self automatically and this is because how we were created from god almighty

  • I had injury when I was a child I broke my hand and as I remember my family help me a lot by gave me good and healthy food also from mental parts they told me that I’m going to be well soon

  • I had a back injury two weeks ago. My back was hurting and I couldn’t move left or right, so I lay on the bed for a long time to rest my back. I would get up to pray and then lie down on the bed again. I put ointment on my back. I think it was the rest and the ointment as well as the movements I was making in prayer that made me recover after about a week of that pain. I thank God for the blessing of health.

  • I haven’t you ever had a serious injury but I advice for people who were exposed a had serious injury avoid on all things leads to worry, strees, dpression and also they must be depended on healthy food like eggs, milk, fruits and vegetable because this foods help to build body strength diseases free. In addition, they should practise sports because help them to recover fast.

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