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What is the best way to learn something? Spotlight shares some ways people can be better students in all areas of their lives.

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Welcome to Spotlight. I’m Liz Waid.

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And I’m Roger Basick. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.

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Omar was a first-year university student. He had done very well in his studies before. But now that he was at university, he started having problems. Some of the ideas he was supposed to learn felt too complicated. And he was suddenly in a new environment. He had new friends and new activities to explore. He found it difficult to know when he should study. How much should he study? And what were the best ways to study?

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Does this sound familiar to you? Learning can be difficult, in or out of school. Sometimes, we forget too quickly. Or the material can seem too difficult. But there are many different reasons why we do or do not learn a subject. And there are ways of studying that are more effective than others. In today’s Spotlight we will look at some of these methods. Today’s Spotlight is on how to be a good student.

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The first step to being a good student is having confidence in yourself. Often, students who are having a difficult time believe it is because they are not intelligent.  But this is not true! Learning is how you become intelligent. All of us begin, as children, with no knowledge. From there, we learn and grow. Being a student means continuing this process. It means knowing you may not seem intelligent now, but you will be. Believing that you can learn is the most important step in being a good student. Geoff Nixon is a writer at Gemm Learning. He writes about the importance of confidence.

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“Confidence is important in learning at any age. When we feel confident, we are more likely to try new things. That will help us improve our abilities. It will help us build on things we already know. Confidence drives resiliency. This is the ability to recover when something has gone wrong and try again.”

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The second step of being a good student is understanding what kind of learning you prefer. Take language learning as an example. Some people learn language best by listening. They might learn well by listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or even Spotlight English! But other people learn best by doing. It helps them to apply the knowledge. They might need to speak to others to learn best. Some people are social learners, and study best with others. Others must be alone to learn. Understanding what style of learning you like can help you enjoy studying more. And, when you enjoy studying, you will be better at it.

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Being a good student also means taking care of yourself. Our brains work better when our bodies are healthy. This means eating well, drinking lots of water, and taking time for breaks. The Feinberg School of Medicine is a university in the United States. Its students take very difficult tests to become doctors. They study for months and take an eight-hour examination. One successful student spoke to school staff after her test. She shared her secret of success: staying healthy!

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“I do not care if I am the 1000th person to say it. It is important, so I will say it again: Sleep, eat well and exercise. Honestly, I think that was the most important thing I did. I focused better. And I learned better on days when I was doing those things.”

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Another way to learn more effectively is to make a routine. Have special times each week when you study. And study even if you do not feel like it. Studying is not always entertaining. You may not always want to do it. But having a routine will force you to focus.

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Routines are also important in reducing stress. And stress can make learning more difficult. If you are stressed, you are not thinking about what you are studying. You are thinking about your stress. Kali Patrick is a psychologist. She wrote on about the importance of routine. She said that “when you do not have a plan, life is uncertain. When you have no idea what is going to happen, you can feel worried, anxious, and out of control. Your fear response can turn on. Routines reduce stress naturally. They give some control back to you”.

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Good students also study over many days. They do not try to study everything all at once. Instead, it is better to repeat the same information several times over a longer period.  Hermann Ebbinghaus was a German psychologist. He also studied memory. In 1885, he discovered that people forget at a fixed rate. If we learn a fact once, we lose that information quickly. But, if we learn it again after a short period, it will stay in our memories. The more we repeat it, the more we remember.

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Finally, good students ask questions. This may seem frightening at first. Asking a question may show that you do not know about a subject. And that can cause shame and embarrassment. But if you do not ask, no one will be able to help. Questions are how we naturally seek answers. Alison Gopnik is a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. She studies the science of learning. She wrote that “Asking questions is what our brains were born to do. At least, this is the case when we were children. For young children, quite literally, seeking answers is just as important as seeking food or water.”

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If you can keep all of these tips in mind, they may help you be a better student and learner!

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Now, we have some questions for you. How do you learn best? Do you have any special study tips? Tell us what they are on our website at You can also find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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The writer of this program was Dan Christmann. The producer was Michio Ozaki. The voices you heard were from the United States. All quotes were adapted for this program and voiced by Spotlight. This program is called: How to Be a Good Student.

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What makes a good student? How do you learn best?

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  • these are very important tips! I think I have some special way to studying better; I study with myself as if I am a stranger! 🙂

  • Thank you these are good tips and I will apply it.
    When I feel afraid about learn new something I try it immediately without thinking and this helped me a lot

  • The best way to learn is to stay healthy and maintain a good routine To be a good student ، This is the secret recipe for success 🙂

  • studying constantly it’s like making a routine plus scheduling my tasks every day from the difficulties reaching the easiest. Practice and reputation what we got each day help to keep the whole subject in the brain.

  • 1) repetition
    2) make studying a routine in your day
    3)sleep ,eat well and do an exercise
    4) using your ear and mouth in studying

  • thanks , all students will have a confidence to have a full mark in the class and to intelligent in the class to yore answer be true

  • Thanks all for your time and I hope having a great learning experience on your site.. Because it is a great way to learn language.

  • Everyone has a special way to study , because our brains are different , for example I like to study at morning but my broother likes to study at night .So find out the best schedule for you and when you are in a best concentrated.

  • Everyone has a special way to study , because our brains are different , for example I like to study at morning but my broother likes to study at night .So find out the best schedule for you and when you are in a best concentrated , also asking questions very important if you don’t know the answer.

  • Everyone has a special way to study , because our brains are different , for example I like to study at morning but my broother likes to study at night .So find out the best schedule for you and when you are in a best concentrated , also asking questions very important if you don’t know the answer. And spotlight help me alot to think better

    • One suggestion would be to take practice tests. You can find free practice tests online. There are also YouTube videos that are made specifically to give you practice. A search for “IELTS Listening Practice Test with Answers” would be a place to start. We wish you the best!

  • I prefer to study alone, I can’t understand and remember the information if I studied with other.
    I used to mark the important the information then studied it .

  • Actually, I have tried so many ways to study well and found out that “studying as if you were prepare for teach others”. This we helped me a lot to understand and keep the information as much as well.

  • it is difficult to say how I learn best. I think I don’t consider the score is the most important thing, it makes me learn and practice without stress. as a result, I can easily get a high score. Besides, I always keep my curiosity and interest in studying so I learn more effectively. finally, I have a little tip for you, you should focus on what your teacher highlights during your lesson, it will often appear in your examination.

  • Hello ,
    My name is Khaled I am student and I am trying to be good student , first I will tell you what is a good student means for me ?
    The good student is a person study in university, and learn a new skill or more , and improve his language .
    For me I prefer learning alone but I think I need to try learn with people and have a new experience.
    Using technology today is good practice to learn like Instagram and Facebook pages and YouTube channels and websites like yours.
    And thank you.

  • The key is put attention and listening all of information and after to apply the information and check theirs results

  • I think that a good student is dedicated, committed and responsible. I learn more by the kinesthetic method than by the listening and seeing method.

  • The firest step to be a good student confidence in yourself.
    The secunde step study prefer or learn languche prefer and make a routine
    and study for short period and more repeat will more remember

  • I think what makes a good student is their ambition and desire of competence with others, naturally people like to see how higher they are more than other people so when teachers encourage their students to be noble competents. It will not only improve their sense of wanting and seeking success but how to manage your pride correctly and maintaining your relationships in a good manner, additional point I have always considered true kindness and loyalty is when your forced or willing to compete with your loved ones but still keeping it safe, noble and respectful because it measures how actually you respect them despite your strong desire of oneself to succeed. it will help you control the most important things: loyalty, good manners, integrity, true humbleness, and success

  • I learn best when iam able to change my position every time I study and take breaks from time to time, because as my true nature i can’t keep going with physical surroundings even if it’s fun to me, my mind always feels like a magnet pulling me into my inner world and not actually focusing and learning from practice of what iam doing right now, so being able to take breaks to relax my mind is very helpful

  • Makes a good student , good listening and practicing the new information many times to help you remember it when you want it .

  • Hello
    My good way to be learn best it’s a more practice, and when i love what i learn i will be happiness student !

  • thank baunch this text it was there is many usefuls when l feel depression l go to the study with favorite drink this favorite moment we should study we shuld have organie time and l like have a task afeter stareted study

  • The routine makes me a good student
    By focusing on important information.
    I’m learning best by repeating the information more time.

  • Learning something is never easy. To be get more knowledge we have to patience, confidence and take time. The article show out many ways to improve leaning skill to become good students, let’s try your best! And the most important to leaning at any age. That’s my option.

  • The best way to learn for me is to organize my tasks and everything i have to do in a schedule, then set a specific time for each task. (Organization method is the best way to study)

  • to be a good student, it requires you to be confident, pay attention to what you learn and be a healthy person.

  • I was the 1st student in my class last year because i maked a routine of time i will study and time i will enjoying the outside things .
    This helps me a lot because i was studying all days in the year and that helps me when the exam comed i only review the lessong instead of studying a lot

  • The things it is makes the good student when he or she found a good leader in the studying environment.
    I learned best because i always try to improve my self.

    • Watching videos after class and practicing it, it’s not just settling for the class and that’s it, you also have to dedicate time at home, that will help you a lot. You will learn better if you focus and pay attention, and practice at home.

  • In regards of studying i have a regular method which is repeating all that things that i study and want it to stay in my mind then i write these things in a paper or notebook to increase my focus on the thing i study and to make brain remember these things when it seeing a question related to this information.

  • I make for my self good vibs like good food or drink & i set in a quite place try to studying when i’m in a good mood .. i love studying at the morrning i make for my self simple gift when i finsh stadying this thing make my exieted to finsh the studying✨

  • Hello spotlight, I’m a begining learner language English. I’m follow you every day for stadying my favorite language. For me I prefer stading alone in my bedroom. i leastining you every day fou 1 hour. I like your subjects. thank you so mach.

  • My best way to learn English is listening
    and I think the time management is very important in the learning process

  • 1 -Having confidence to your self.
    2 -take care of your self , eating well , drinking a lot’s of water and take time for breaks.
    3 -understand what kind of learning do you prefer.

  • What makes a good student?
    Having confidence to your self, eat well, take breaks and ask everything we don’t know
    How do you learn best?
    I learn better by taking notes and reviewing them

  • What makes a good student? I think a good student is the one who never settles, who is enthusiastic about learning new things, who tries his best
    How do you learn best?I learn better in all three ways but I feel that I learn better by watching and practicing, doing exercises or work

  • The good student does everything to fulfill his academic activities in and out of school, if he can, he helps other classmates to understand the subject of the class.

    I learn best when other classmates explain the topics to me.

  • 1. What makes you a good student? Have a lot of confidence in yourself and keep your body healthy through a good diet, drink water, rest, in order to help keep your brain active.
    2. I learn better by listening, I think I have a good memory.

  • I thinks I´m a good student because I study in my house the tems I saw in class. I learn best at evenings with a green tea or coffee

  • a good student dedicates a lot of time to study and to learn more, everyone learns in their own way, for one person it is easier to learn in one way and for another person it is easier in another way.

  • i think it depends a lot on the type of learner you are but i think you have to pay a lot of attention in class not really to study a lot at home

  • The steps mentioned are:
    • Having confidence in yourself.
    • Understanding what kind of learning you prefer.
    • Taking care of yourself (eating well, drinking lots of water, and taking time for breaks)
    • Sleep, eat well and exercise
    • Make a routine
    • Study over many days
    • Ask questions
    I consider that I learn better with practice, I am not auditory or visual, it works better for me to ask and review it.

  • a good student attends and pays attention in all classes and learns better by practicing, asking all their questions and watching tutorials

  • Always attending class, taking notes, asking any questions we have, completing homework and assignments, respecting the teacher.

  • Now, we have some questions for you. How do you learn best? to focus what you study the is the best think……. Do you have any special study tips? .. i like study tips but the answer is no i do what i like ….

  • To be a good a stuydent needs to be focus in the goals that you wants to achieve in the future, and to learn best is the same to be responsabile and to have goals.

  • First honestly Self confidence very important to learn anything. Also time management , health care and good sleeping, these things make a person a good student.

  • THE REASONS TO MAKE YOU A GOOD STUDENTS IS PRACTICE EVREYDAY AND LEARNING also the capacite of manage your time. the best learning is listening and practice

  • I make a good student when I attend all classes and attention with teacher when explian the lessons, also when I study hard and prepare excercises and home work, as well when I don’t understand any thing ask teacher or classmates to repeat explanation. When I return to home or campus I revise my lessons What we studied today So that it does not accumulate and become too much and I cannot deal with the night of the exam. Moreover, I learn best when I read a lot because rading it’s important thing to increase my knoweledge and take a new information, as well I prefer learned any things in the morning because this period help me a lot of absorption any ides or information. I must be trust for myself and my abilities and develloped my skills and hobbies all this help me a build a strengh personality learnable.

  • hi my name is aya today i will tell you about how to be a good student first thing listen very good for your teacher in your classrom secound thing write important information in your small note book i am sorry my language english it s very bad i know tha i am new learn this is steps very important and try ypu can do it i prefer using the computer while i study
    please my friens give me advices when i improve my english

  • I listen to the podcasts and I tried to understand what they were saying and put what I understood into sentences and practice it
    For learn english

  • They study very well.
    5 way
    -Understand style of learning
    -Taking care of yourself
    -Make Routine
    -Repeart knowledge

  • I think anyone can be a good student!
    It is possible.
    The first step he should divides his time.
    And studying carefully .
    Finally he should put his phone away.

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