The Perfect Way to Practice A US Accent

Spotlight Uses Different English Accents

Many people already know that Spotlight programs include different English accents. No English accent is better than another. But a person may want to learn one English accent over another. For example, a person may want to learn a British accent because they will be moving to England. Or a person may want to learn an American accent because they will be studying in the US. Or, a person may just like the sound of one accent over another! 

Practice a US accent with our YouTube playlist!

Most of our programs use a mix of accents. But some programs do only use voices from the US or only voices from the UK. People have asked us which programs use US or American accents and which use UK or British accents.

To answer this question, we have made a playlist that features main voices using an American accent. Listen to each program. Read aloud with the voices. Every main voice in this playlist has a US accent. We still talk about lots of different topics, so you can find something interesting! 

Visit the playlist here to hear native speakers speaking in a US American accent. 

Keep checking back, too! We will add more programs to this playlist often. And we will soon post a playlist that features all UK voices with British English accents, too.

Differences in UK and US English playlist

We also have a playlist about the differences in UK and US English. Did you know that people in the US call this a flashlight:

But people in the UK call it a torch! Knowing these differences in US and UK English can help you understand in many different situations.

Which accent are you trying to learn?

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