5 Reasons Learning English Will Help You at Work

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your job if you could speak English? Would you become a better employee? Would you be better at navigating US or UK work cultures? Maybe you could interview for a new job with confidence? Here are 5 reasons why learning English will help you at work.

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1. You will be better at job interviews

When you want to work, you usually need an interview before you are hired. In the interview, you will have to answer questions about yourself and your work history. But some interviews can go terribly wrong. Knowing English will help you avoid misunderstanding questions and give clear answers.

Bruce Gulland and Christy VanArragon share some good ways for a person to have a successful job interview. 

2. You will better understand work culture

When you start a new job, how do you know the appropriate behavior? How do you know the best way to communicate? Every place you work may have a different set of rules. They may find different things acceptable. You will have to ask a lot of questions. The better your English language skills are, the faster you will understand what is expected of you.

Adam Navis and Liz Waid share advice for learning work culture.

3. You will be a better employee

You may not be the boss. But your boss can still notice your work – for good or bad! Being a good employee is very important for a person’s future and achieving success. Knowing English may make your boss notice you when she needs someone to travel or work with an international client.

Liz Waid and Adam Navis look at ways people can become good employees. 

4. You will be a better boss to other people

Do you have a dream of becoming the boss? It takes a lot to manage other people effectively. It may not be as easy as you think. Being a good boss means being a good listener. When you can write English, speak English, and understand English well, you can be a better boss to English speakers.

Colin Lowther and Robin Basselin look at the qualities that make a person a good boss. 

5. You with thrive in the remote, global work culture.

Especially since the coronavirus outbreak, many people’s work has changed. More and more people are working a side hustle. They even use the hashtag #thisismyhustle. A hustle is a second or additional job people use to make money. This is a relatively new way of work. But is it here to stay? People all around the world are earning money in new ways. The English language is still a big part of finding work and building a business for yourself.

Bruce Gulland and Liz Waid look at the gig economy. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Are you a  boss? Are you an employee? What are your tips for improving the work place? Has English helped you in your job?

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  • Learning another language, especially English is a good way to get a new job. Almost of jobs today require candidates using English at the immediate level.I couldn’t forget the day I met a foreign customer. He went to my bank to receive money transferred through WU, but I couldn’t help him this transaction because I didn’t understand what he said. He was angry and said that he won’t come back to my bank anymore.I disappointed myself, then I decided to take part in an English course to improve my English skills though I am 30 years old and have a little boy. I don’t have much time to practice English everyday, but I think with my hardworking, my skills will be better in the near future.

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