Scripts By Email

Read Along With Every Program for Only $1.00 A Week

Listening is a great skill to practice. But do you want to read along in an easy way on your own?

You can get the week’s Spotlight English script sent to you every week! You can subscribe to our Scripts by Email plan for only $5 USD a month. We will send that week’s script directly to your email. And it is yours to keep forever!

A Very Easy Way to Learn and Practice

Here at Spotlight English we try to make it easy to learn English. You can visit this website to find interesting English content. You can follow along as you listen. You can subscribe to Spotlight English as a podcast through platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can subscribe on YouTube if you like that platform. You can even join our YouTube channel as a member!

But many people asked us if they can receive Spotlight English scripts in their email. Since email is sent directly to your inbox, you will never miss a program. You do not need to remember to visit a website or open an app. And you can likely get our email no matter where in the world you live.

Take Spotlight English anywhere!

For only about $1.00 a week, we will send you a new Spotlight English script every week. This will be yours to use and keep. Follow along with Spotlight anywhere!