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Cigarettes are dangerous for a person's health. Ryan Geertsma and Robin Basselin look at some ways that people can stop smoking cigarettes.

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Welcome to Spotlight. I'm Ryan Geertsma.

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And I'm Robin Basselin. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.

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Lisa Garrity loves the trapeze. She enjoys moving through the air on this bar that hangs from two ropes. Riding the trapeze is hard work, but Lisa enjoys the exercise. However, Lisa noticed that she had to stop and rest more often than other people. Lisa always thought she was a healthy person. She was a runner. But Lisa was also a smoker. She smoked tobacco cigarettes. Lisa's smoking made it more difficult for her to breathe. Smoking kept Lisa from being the healthy person she wanted to be. She wanted to stop smoking. Lisa tried many times to stop. Sometimes she stopped for a short time. But each time she would start again.

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Many people try to stop smoking tobacco. But it is very difficult. Today's Spotlight is on different ways people can stop smoking.

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It is difficult to stop smoking. This is because tobacco contains an addictive substance called nicotine. People can quickly begin to depend on Nicotine. And it makes them feel like they need to have it.

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However, there are many good reasons to stop smoking. Smoking negatively affects a person's ability to breathe. Smoke enters a person's lungs and damages small hairs in the lungs called cilia. Cilia are supposed to keep the lungs clean and clear. But when a person smokes, the cilia do not work as well. So, a smoker's lungs are not as clean as a non-smoker's lungs. This can make it more difficult for smokers to breath. And people who smoke often develop an unhealthy cough. The smoker's lungs expel air this way to try and clean out the lungs.

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Smokers also have a higher risk of getting more serious diseases. These diseases can lead to an early death. Smoking can cause cancer in the lungs and many other parts of the body. It can also cause emphysema and other diseases that restrict a person's breathing.

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The risks of smoking are not limited to smokers. Cigarette smoke is harmful to the people around smokers too. It is especially harmful to children. When people smoke cigarettes around children, the children also have a greater risk of developing serious health problems. When pregnant women smoke, their babies are more likely to be small and unhealthy. The babies are also more likely to develop breathing problems.

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Lisa Garrity knew the risks of smoking. This is why she tried so many times to stop. Then one day, a friend told her about a new BBC case study. This news organization wanted to study an unusual and shocking treatment to help people stop smoking.

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Lisa decided this was a good chance to try to stop smoking again. She agreed to be part of the case study. First, Lisa met with a doctor. The doctor explained how the lungs work. Next, they discussed together how smoking affects a person's lungs.

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Then Lisa began the unusual part of the treatment. She went to watch a lung cancer operation. The cancer patient was a woman in her 50s. The doctors removed a cancerous mass or tumour from her lungs. Lisa could see the terrible damage that cigarettes caused to the woman's lungs. Watching the operation helped Lisa understand what could happen to her if she continued smoking. It showed her the terrible effects smoking could have on her body. But that was not the end of the treatment.

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Next, the doctors invited Lisa to look closely at the cancerous tumour. It was a hard mass. And it was about the size of an adult's closed hand. Then, the doctors cut the tumour open. The inside of the tumour was the same color as the burnt ashes from a cigarette. Lisa could not imagine trying to breathe with that tumour in her lungs!

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Seeing the operation was not very effective for Lisa. But seeing the cancer in the tumour made the risks of smoking feel real. She wanted to cry. She struggled to stay calm. After that, she told the BBC,

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"There was no way I could put a cigarette to my mouth. When I tried, I would see the cancer. I would imagine the same cancer in my lungs. It was hiding and growing like a balloon."

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This shocking experience helped Lisa stop smoking. But learning more about the bad effects of smoking will not help everyone stop smoking. The good news is that there are many other ways to stop smoking.

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Some people use Nicotine replacement treatments. These treatments replace cigarettes. There are many kinds of replacements. Smokers can eat nicotine replacements, stick them on their bodies or even breathe them into their lungs. These treatments still contain the drug nicotine. The smoker's body receives the nicotine, but not the other harmful substances in the cigarette smoke. Smokers can get used to a life without cigarettes. And over time, they can use less and less of the nicotine replacement - until they stop using nicotine.

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Other people stop smoking by attending support groups. These groups of smokers meet to encourage and support each other. Some people also stop smoking just by counting how much money they save when they do not buy cigarettes. And some companies will even offer prizes to encourage their workers to stop smoking.

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Different methods will work for different people. The website says it does not matter which treatment a smoker chooses. But a smoker should always have a plan. They call their plan START. Each letter of this word represents a part of this plan.

S - Set a date when you will stop smoking. This will give you time to prepare to stop.

T - Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to stop smoking. If the people around you know, they can support you.

A - Anticipate or expect the difficult problems you will face while stopping smoking. For example, a person will experience temporary effects when he stops smoking. His body will react to the lack of nicotine. He may experience anger, trouble sleeping, increased desire to eat, or depression. Smokers must be ready for these possible effects and have a plan.

R - Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work. If you do not have cigarettes around you, it will be easier to stop smoking them.

T - Talk to your doctor. He or she may have good suggestions.

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Stopping smoking may be difficult. But there are many methods and treatments to try. If you want to stop smoking do not stop trying! You will be a happier, healthier person!

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The writer of this program was Courtney Schutt. The producer was Mark Drenth. The voices you heard were from the United States and the United Kingdom. All quotes were adapted and voiced by Spotlight. You can find our programs on the internet at This program is called "Stop Smoking".

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We hope you can join us again for the next Spotlight program. Goodbye.

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Do you smoke cigarettes? Have you stopped smoking? What has helped you?


Avatar Spotlight
said on May 30, 2011

Hello, hey everybody and good day all people around the beautiful world. Very good theme because i was a smoker about 8 years ago and i know that stop smoking very difficult. Bu i should don’t agree with authors this program because for me it wasn’t depend from nicotine it was just habit and i just didn’t seem that i could live without cigarettes. But i had strong will and i could stop smoking. And person who can’t just stop smoking without additional tablets persons etc just don’t have will. Don’t spend your money on cigarettes that harmful for you health and on different tablets etc and on different doctors just stop and all.

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 30, 2011

Hi all friends and fans of Spotlight in our green world. this is the most suitable story for me and for my father. i don’t like, use, breathe smoke very much. but, i have my sad story from my father. he is a smoke addict.he smokes everyday. he has spent a huge amount of my family’s saving fund for mother, my elder sister and me have advised him a lot of words but no results, no positive reaction, no giving up smoking. in my country, reaching private doctors is impossible. we just have public and private hospitals just for curing. but this topic gives me lots of breakthrough suggestions. i will translate this page and explain my father about risks of smoking and methods of giving up smoking via your ideas. Thank you very much. I hope to hear from you Spotlight radio other significant topics like this. Best regards,

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 30, 2011

Fortunately, my husband and I don’t smoke cigarette. Thus, I have a happy and green house:). otherwise, smoking is still common despite the dangerous warnings against smoking. Smoking now become a routine. They understand the problem but they can’t give it up. I wish they no longer get used to smoking for a better life and green environment. Thank for sharing your useful advices: “If you want to stop smoking do not stop trying”...

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 31, 2011

I totally agree with everyone about article of us program broadcasting today.
Smoking is one of much reason of cancer .Annual,it took away life of much people all around the world,and we have days no smoking 31-5 in the world.
In my family,my father has smoking,each of person in family advice his should not smoke,cause it’s real harmful for healthy…
Now,i will always encourage his,i believe he will success.
Anyway,i think all we should teach kids,teens now on ,later they know and should not smoke .
Hope about a green,clean enviroment,no smoking !

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 31, 2011

thz !

Avatar Spotlight
said on April 29, 2014

sorry i can download file . what is wrong ?

Avatar Spotlight
said on April 29, 2014

sorry i can download file . what is wrong ?

0's avatar
said on April 29, 2014

Spotlight is updating our file storage right now, and some files are currently unavailable. However, all files should be available in the next few weeks. I have uploaded the audio for this program now, but please let us know if there are any problems in the audio. Thanks for your patience!

Avatar Spotlight
said on December 29, 2014

I really love It is easy to understand and I can get more knowledge around the world. I love your voice… and I want to listen the news from this website everyday. Thank you so much.
I don’t like people who smoke. I cannot breath when I smell that. It’s very uncomfortable. In my opinion, if you want to stop smoking, you can try use Chew gum when you want to smoke.

Avatar Spotlight
Darya Sh
said on December 30, 2014

I can’t listen to audio and also I can’t download it. What’s wrong? When will it be repaired?

Avatar Spotlight
said on January 01, 2015

i can not dowload

Avatar Spotlight
said on January 11, 2015

In our world the smoking is the very problem in the society because people want to the person want to experience new things in your life. The snuff is one of the most addictive sources in the world because it contains nicotine which is additive character but the only way to avoid this is with the collaboration of people know that if smokers have to respect the other people as it is respect than people who do not deserve them wadding smoking

Avatar Spotlight
said on June 21, 2016

Surely, to stop smoking is difficult but not impossible. We only need being really resolved to get done with that harmful habit and keeping permanently our great resolution to stop smoking forever! I suppose positive results of this effort depend on our firm determination and patience, of course including the important support all of people around us.
Several years ago, I took decision to avoid dangerous consequences of cigarettes smoking to give up this addiction to nicotine totally and I was successful actually.
Primarily, children should be learned about the bad influences of different addictions to nicotine, drugs and so on as soon as possible.
It means parents should appear as a good example to their children not smoking at all!

Avatar Spotlight
rajesh kumar
said on June 22, 2016

SMOKING is a bad habit even then people smoke they can’t get rid off with smoke addiction .they have become habitual and after knowing smoke harms ,effect,lung diseases,skin infection and cancer these all are common harms.
smoking do not only harm who smoke but also who take breath smoke air.In india many more than people smoke in this categories man ,woman,specially youth generation .As we know the harm of smoking but there effect comes infant of us after long time therefore people do not take it seriously and they give us example i ‘m smoking for many years but i ‘m very well. my father also smoke i make him understand and try to please give up smoking .i told my father smoking is cause of   cancer even i show him to many example who has died due to cause of smoke after all i know only one thing every one can give up smoking but provided is that people should have strong will power.they can drop smoking when they want and in this world there is no one thing we can’t do .every thing is possible so keep on fighting with evils .good by.

Severino Ramos da Silva's avatar
Severino Ramos da Silva
said on June 22, 2016

From: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Severino Ramos)
To: spotlight programme
Subject: answer to the question above
Date: Wednsday 22, June 2016
São Paulo SP Brazil

Dear Robin Basselin, Ryan Geertsma, Courtney Schutt, and Mark Drenth:

First of all, I want to thank you to bring us readers and learners of English one more great article. Thanks!
No, I do not. I do not smoke cigarettes or other kind of drug like marijuana.
People who like to smoke cigarettes and others kind of drugs are destroying their lives because they are very harmful for health.
So, you wrote at the beginning of that article tabaco contains an additive substance called nicotine and causes several diseases such as: emphysema, difficulty to breathe, problems to the cilia to clean the lungs, pregnant women who smoke bring problems for their babies, cancer, tumour, and etc.
Also, tabaco can cause skin problems, teeth problems so they appear in dark color not in white color, and others.
Therefore, tabaco is a terrible drug in which contains an additive substance called nicotine. For that reason everybody should not start to try it and others who smoke it should stop it.

Your regards,
Severino Ramos

Avatar Spotlight
said on June 23, 2016

Living and working bring us joys. We make much effort to stay healthy. “Good health is a precious asset”. We live our lives well and bring beautiful good things to the life. Smoking badly affects health of a person that smokes and other persons around. We do not smoke or we stop smoking. We protect our health. We protect everyone’s health. We are joyful when our health is good. We can complete our workings well. We can do beautiful good things. We live a beautiful good life.

Kaleb Kolaibi's avatar
Kaleb Kolaibi
said on June 26, 2016

Unfortunatly, Im smoking from a long time but not much sigarettes, between 2 to 5 sigarettes in day.
In fact, I dont like it, I hate it, but I cant stop it but I tryed stopping more and more and more and I will stilling trying again and again and again.
God bless you

NinhNv's avatar
said on October 25, 2017

Yes, I have. I smoke cigarette everyday, but now I don’t smoke
and I don’t smoke about two week

Avatar Spotlight
Vuong Huu Dinh
said on May 29, 2019


Cigarette is a dangerous way to be used it.
Most people at least once to hear that danger but some body is still smoke everyday.

Why? Before when no Scientist study it, the people imagine that smoking cigarette help the person get back healthy, and men need to smoke to become men, that is a mistake idea which last so long time, no body know its harmful.

Until, the modern technique can recognize how several harm chemicals in cigarette smoke, it is warned to anybody should to stop smoking to avoice so many dangers.

Nowadays, some countries in the world have a law to ban smoking in the public places, for example train station, supermaket, school and football station. etc.

Some smokers can not give up that action they are going to change another way like as electric cigarette, but it is still harmful too.

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 31, 2019

Hi evreybody at spotlight.
this is the most suitable story for my son.
 I hope to hear from you Spotlight radio other significant topics like this. It is important for Young.

Avatar Spotlight
said on May 31, 2019

I have not smoked cigarettes since 1994, but I smoked for several years. Awareness about the illnesses caused by cigarettes was the trigger to stop this nauseating addiction. It was a difficult decision only possible with a lot of commitment and mental power, but it is in human possibilities ... Take the cigarettes out of your life and be happy and healthy ... One more thing: Brazilian women do not like men with cigarette smell… So…

longnhan's avatar
said on June 01, 2019

i never smoke tobacco and i won’t smoke it, but it is not enough to have good healthy. Everybody(my dad, my brother,uncle,...) are smoke very much. The smoking is not only harmful but also smoke from tobacco is very not healthy, smoke from tobacco has bad effective to everybody around

Avatar Spotlight
Sergio Ramos
said on June 06, 2019

The sentence above that ‘If you want to stop smoking do not stop trying’, something is wrong ;(, Somebody can explain to me, pls? I think it should be ‘If you want to stop smoking, do no try”.