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Liz Waid looks at comments from recent Spotlight programs, including a program that introduced some big discussion.


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Welcome to Spotlight’s Listener Mail program. I’m Liz Waid. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier for people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.

Today’s Spotlight is on you! In today’s program, we look at what you had to say about recent programs. We look at comments from a program about a famous global business. And we look at the decision to have children or not to have them. Then we talk about some of the new things Spotlight has for you! Join us as we hear your comments.

Our first comments today come from the program LEGO: Play Well. In that program, we told about the LEGO company. This Danish toy company started very small, with only a few employees. But today, it is the largest toy company in the world. We asked you about your experiences with their most famous toy – LEGO bricks. These bricks are small plastic pieces that fit together. With enough LEGO bricks you can build almost anything! Minhdy told us how LEGO bricks have been a part of her family’s life.

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“When my son was five years old, I bought a LEGO set at a LEGO shop in Saigon City. I gave it to him Christmas Day. He got this gift after a good night’s sleep and thought it was a gift from Santa Claus. My son always liked playing with LEGO bricks in his childhood. I think LEGO has been a successful company because it is a smart toy that helps children develop creativity. And this toy is not limited to any age range. Even now, my son and I still like LEGO bricks although I am older and he is a young person.”

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In our program, we also asked why you thought LEGO was able to become such a successful business. Sergey wrote:

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“I think LEGO has become such a successful company because it lets people create a huge amount of different things with a particular amount of bricks. Only a person’s imagination limits the diversity of what they can build. Another reason for their success is that LEGO improves spatial reasoning - how a person sees the space around them and works with it. I have been playing LEGO through all of my childhood. I have kept my collection of LEGO bricks for my future children.”

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And commenter hellokitty also had an idea about how the company became so successful. She wrote:

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“I think that LEGO has been such a successful company because of their motto. Their motto is ‘Only the best is good enough’. They work to do their best all of the time because of this motto. If they did not have this motto, they could not be the company they are today.”

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It is easy to see that people around the world love LEGO bricks. And there are many reasons this company has had success. Thanks for your comments!

Our next comments come from the program Choosing Not to Have Children. In that program, we told about some reasons people decide not to have children. Some of these people even decide to have a sterilization operation. This operation will make it impossible for them to have children. We asked what you thought about this issue. Many of you had an opinion. Son Nguyenhuy is from Vietnam. He wrote:

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“It is difficult to understand why someone would want to live without children. In my country that idea would not be accepted.”

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Joao told about this decision in his country.

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“In my country, Brazil, this issue is well accepted. Choosing not to have a child is a completely personal choice, and everyone must respect it. I agree with the things Dr. Walters said. But I think people can choose a contraceptive method instead of the sterilization operation. We must think that a sterilization operation is an extreme act. There is a possibility that the sterilized person may regret the decision.”

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Commenter Learning Everything had a similar opinion. This commenter said that people who do not want children now, may want children later.

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“Some couples want to live together before they are married. They spend their time working to get more money, then they travel somewhere and enjoy without responsibility. But this time is not too long for them because they will feel bored. If they have a child, and both of them take care of the child every day, their family will be more happy.”

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Jimmy Mercado wrote about some of the issues people may think about before choosing to have or not have children.

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“Unless some state controls it, having or not having children seem to be fully acceptable choices. Having children is a choice that forces us to think about the great love that God has for us. On the other hand, neglecting children could take them to any evil of society. We can see in the news that crime is bigger each day, influencing children and youth. Also, jobs increasingly require more trained people. So parents must provide children a quality education. They also need a good and loving guide to encourage them. Even if a person is excited about creating a new family, having children demands great responsibility.”

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And PakaAnka describes why having children was a good choice for him.

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“I am a proud father. When my son first arrived to my life, this was a blessing. It is true; being parents is a great responsibility. It takes dedication, care, patience, and money too. But to wake up each day and see your children is a miracle. Thank God for this blessing.”

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There were also other comments on the script page of that program. You can read them on our website and add your opinion too! Would you choose not to have children? Is this a choice in your culture? Tell us what you think. Just visit our website at

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