Life is a Rainbow (Capture it!)

I enjoy taking pictures and videos. I have my phone, a camera, and even a 360 degree camera. I’m always learning how to use these tools to capture the world around me. Sometimes I use these to make things that I share with the Spotlight English community. Sometimes I make things just for me. But recently I was inspired to make something new.

In 2010, and again in 2020, there was a video project called “Life in a Day.” A couple of film makers asked people from all around the world to submit footage of their lives. The film makers suggested questions like, “What do you want to change?” “What do you fear?” And even, “What’s in your pockets?” However, people could submit anything they wanted.

Click here to listen to the Spotlight program about the Life in a Day Project.

None of these ideas made me want to make a video. But as I sat at my desk, I saw some light shining down on different books. I noticed how all the books were different colors. This made me think about color. I thought about how little I notice the different colors all around me. So I decided to capture short videos of different things around my house that were all different colors. Then I would edit them together according to the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

When you are learning–maybe it’s learning English, or learning to use a camera, or something else–it is easy to believe you are not good enough. It is common to think that you are not ready to share what you can do. But sharing is a great way of learning. By making something and sharing it, I tell you that I think it is important. When you speak, write, and listen in English, you tell the world (and yourself) that you can do it because you are doing it.

How do you like to capture the moments of your day?

I hope you enjoy my video.


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  • Hi Adam. Greetings from Quito, Ecuador. With of my mobile phone in hand I can take photos and videos spontaneously of my mother, the nature and people walking in the streets. But after that, I feel upset or angry because of I have to edit the best images to download to the Pc images file.

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