Feeling Good, Learning English

Do You Need to Feel Good?

We have put together a list of programs with a particular purpose: all of these programs will make you feel good. There are many difficult things in the world and they are important to think about. But sometimes we need a break. We need a few minutes to feel inspired and to feel that the world is full of goodness, love, and hope. These programs talk about things from relationships to resolutions. But each program will help you practice your English and help you feel better about yourself and the world!

Falling in Love

This program explores what it means to fall in love. Could you fall in love just by talking to someone? (WARNING: Your relationships may IMPROVE after this program!)

Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy. Different things make people happy, but all people want to be happy. This program will make you think about what makes you happy? (It might NOT be what you think!)

Sounds of Joy

What is your FAVORITE SOUND? Is it a baby’s laugh? The quiet sound of rain falling? Is it when someone you love says your name? This program explores the power of SOUND to shape how we feel? 

Laughter for Exercise

HAHAHA! LOL! Laughter is not just something to text. Laughter is a powerful way to become healthy! This program explores the concept and practice of “laughter yoga.” What makes you laugh out loud?

The Giving Driver

This is the inspiring story of someone who gave away money to help children learn and grow. A wonderful story of generosity and kindness. Listen along and then go find a way to help your community!

New Year’s Resolutions

Do you feel STUCK? Do you feel like you need to make a CHANGE? Then maybe you need a RESOLUTION! This program explores how each year people promise to make the coming year different from the past. But the great news is that you do not need to wait to make a change. Do something today!

Humans of the World

People look different. People speak different languages. People eat different foods. This program explores all these differences and finds that we are STILL more the SAME than different. This program looks at the work of a photographer who takes pictures of people all around the world. Is there somewhere you would like to travel to?

Spotlight wants to make the world a little better – a little more full of hope and love. This playlist was created to help you learn English, but also feel better about the world.  

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