Add One English Word Each Day

No one knows how many words there are in the English language. One reason is that words are always being added. English borrows words from other languages. Young people invent “slang” that becomes part of normal speech.

There may be close to one million (1,000,000) different words. Some of these words are common and simple. These are words like “a,” “the,” and, “car.” Other words are rare and complicated. Words like “astrogeophysics” or “xenon.” It can feel like too much work to learn all these english words.

But do not give up trying to learn English. The good news is that in common usage, like conversational English or writing email. Native English speakers only use about 5,000 words. Some experts even say that with 2,500 words you can understand 90% of English communication. That is still a large number. But it is attainable. You can do it.

If you learn one new English word each day, you will learn 365 in a year. One way to do that is through Spotlight’s Word of the Day on YouTube. Start by watching. Then repeat what you hear. Then go and practice using your new word. You will soon find that you know more and more English words.

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