8 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking – FOR FREE!

You Can Use Spotlight English to Help You Improve Your English Speaking

We have created these 8 simple tips that you can use to improve your spoken English. All of these tips use our free resources from our website and our YouTube channel.

1. Practice Often

The most important way to improve your English speaking is to practice English speaking. You need to practice speaking English every day. This can be difficult to do. But you will really benefit if you can practice every day – even for just a few minutes.

2. Listen Carefully

You need to listen to English being spoken clearly. Spotlight English uses easy English and slow English. Listen to our programmes on our Spotlight English YouTube channel. We speak slowly and clearly. This is not just repeated phrases. You will also hear interesting English content in our programmes!

Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay
3. Read and Listen

On our Spotlight English YouTube channel you will find a moving script. Read the words of the script as you listen.

4. Speak out Loud with Us

You can use the moving script to read out loud with us. Other English learners tell us that doing this helps improve their confidence in speaking English. Try it yourself! 

5. Speak out Loud by Yourself

When you have gained confidence speaking English with us, you can then try to speak out loud by yourself. Use the moving script but with the sound off.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay
6. Record Your Voice

You can also record yourself reading our programmes. Then you can hear how your speaking skills improve over time. Some English learners have sent us videos of themselves doing this. Their English does improve. If this method works for them, it can work for you too. You could even send us a video of yourself speaking English. We would love to see and hear you!

7. Speak Faster

When your skills have improved you can move to our Spotlight Advanced videos. These programmes still use simple English. But they are spoken faster, at a more natural speaking speed. Try speaking along with us – but faster!

Visit our Spotlight Advanced playlist
8. Speak with a friend

Ask a friend to listen to the same Spotlight English programme as you. Then you can both enjoy talking together about the programme. The interesting English content of the programme will give you plenty to talk about together.

How do you practice speaking?

Do you already follow some of these tips? What are your tips for speaking English?

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  • Thank you very much for good advice. I have started these eight ways. I feel it will give me good result.

  • After many years of learning English . I don’t speak well. enough.l know deep in my heart that I have to take your advice a d read loudly to myself when no one is next to me.

    • I think many people think the same thing. It is difficult to start! Maybe try one tip first until you are confident. Then add another tip and another until you have all of them! Good luck!


  • Hi!
    I often speak English with my son. However, I am aware of how many mistakes we make. There is no one to correct us. In answer to your questions, I want to say that I often read aloud and also read books and listen to them at the same time. Thank you for your advice and tips. I will definitely use them. Although, a lot of water will flow in rivers before it happens. I need to gain more confidence. Thank you.
    Leszek from Poland.

  • Hi first of all thank you all team, really we as students benefit so much from spotlight program and these tips too …God bless you all

  • Many thanks Team Spotlight.It takes along time i don’t use English. I forgot vocabulary, grammar, the meaning of vocabulary, how to use the,m.. Until I see Spotlight web, i read and listen everyday. Spotlight programes help me to remember words and improve my English skill.Although my grammar is not good, but i try best.

  • Thanks for your interesting tips. I’ve followed until “Speak out loud with us” and the next step “Speak out loud by yourself” will be started soon.
    And recording my voice will be followed soon. Someday, I hope to send my video to you. Thanks.

    • Hi Marcella! I am so sorry that the app is not currently working! When our new website opened our old app no longer worked, so we had to make a new app. We had it ready, but the app stores are still approving it. It is taking MUCH longer than we expected. Please know we are working hard to get our app working again! Thank you for your patience with us. We will be very happy when it is working again.

  • thank you for your advices, I think they are really worth for me. I will try to learn English by these steps

  • i am contacting from Mongolia
    I started learning English. I usually listen to spotlight programms .I listened more 20 program . This program improve my English . I am glad know this program

  • l listen and read alooot ,,and imagine my self speak faster and strongly ,, even when l sleep l dream with me speaking about diffirent topic everyday ..but in reall l feel shy and afraid to speak enghlish !!

  • First, I read the complete text and mark new expressions or phrases and the unknown words . Then,I try to understand the meaning before to get the correct meaning in an english-english dictionary with no translation to Spanish.
    Second, I listen to the program carefully.
    Third, I try to speak loud while I listen to the program again.

    Thanks for these useful tips .Really, Spotlight has helped me to improve and practice English for more than ten years.

  • I really appreciate this project Spotlight English. I have been recommending it for my friends, because it is awesome. I am going to follow this tips. Normally, I listen it once without reading. After, I listen it with reading and speaking at the same time. Sometimes, I write new words on my notebook or Anki app/quizzlet app.

  • My name is Ibrahim, I’m a English learner.In my opinion practicing English is a good way to become perfac.If you wanna learn English through spotlight programe please contact me.

  • I promise you i’ll send my recorded vedios
    thank you very much for these tips
    I hope they will really improve my english.

  • Thank you so much for introduce these easy way to develope english speaking. And i am also fallowed your tube channel. It will gives lots of confodence to me. Thank you so much spotlight.

  • Hey, I am Vitaliy from Sibiria of Russia. In russian language I used to speak word OK! I very like your programms! Can I use Skype to speak with you? Answer me, please.

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