Technical Specifications

Purpose: Spotlight is a radio program mainly for listeners who do not use English as their first language. It aims to help them with their English and serve them with truly useful program content. Spotlight's ethos is to serve the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Language: English, specifically 'Specialized English' – a method of broadcasting designed for people who do not use English as their first language.

Content: Mixed educational features. Topics include entertainment, science and technology, society, healthy living, biography and your life.

Length: 15 minutes. (14 minutes program content + 1 minute play-out music which can be faded).

Frequency: Daily (5 programs per week, but stations may use fewer if they wish.)

Price: Free

Release Date: Each program has an ideal release date. Please do not broadcast a program before its release date, so that your listeners can find the program on the Spotlight website after they have heard it on your broadcast. If necessary, you can also use any program from our archive (most of our programs are undated unless otherwise noted).

Editorial policies:

Spotlight tries to be balanced and accurate in all programs.

Spotlight encourages listeners' personal development.

Not all programs have ethical or religious content. When they do, they show a Christian worldview but they do not preach and they do not criticize other religious views. Views that are specifically Christian are usually identified as such.

Intended audience: Young adults all over the world, especially those who are using (or learning) English as a foreign language.

Scheduling recommendations: Spotlight can be used in a non-English radio service or in an English service. Stations using mixed languages might find it helpful to place Spotlight at a transition point into (or out of) an English block.

Listener services: Spotlight has a website where listeners can read scripts, listen to programs, download the word list, and contact the producers. Listeners can find additional video material, and Listeners can also contact the producers by emailing an address given in the program. However, stations are welcome to provide local contact information, perhaps by announcing details over the play-out music.

Delivery formats:

  • Stereo MP3 128kpbs 44.1kHz (14.4MB per program)
  • Mono MP3 40kbps 22.05kHz (4MB per program)

These formats import readily into broadcast management software.

Delivery methods.

Stations can receive programs in two ways.

  • Download from a special 'Spotlight Broadcasters' website, FTP or email
  • Upload (by us) to broadcaster's site, using FTP

Programs are normally delivered 2 weeks before transmission date.

Scripts are available to radio stations in advance for auditioning or for listener distribution.

Contact us to arrange program supply, or to ask questions.