How are other stations using Spotlight?

Stations all over the world use Spotlight to serve their listeners. While many stations just play Spotlight as a stand-alone program, some stations use Spotlight in creative ways, to meet the special needs of their own communities. Here are some examples:

Somalia: A broadcaster in Somalia wrote, "Spotlight has the whole of our evening programme with the second half being a translation of the English into Somali."

Ecuador: In Quito, Ecuador, radio station HCJB has set up an email service so that listeners can receive the Spotlight program scripts before the broadcast. Listeners use these scripts to follow along and read as they listen to the program on the radio. Over 5000 people have signed up for this popular service.

Turkey: In Ankara, Turkey, Radio Shema repeats Spotlight several times each day. Listeners stay tuned-in to the station and they enjoy listening and re-listening to Spotlight to understand more each time.

Other broadcasters use Spotlight to transition between local language programming and English programming. There are endless ways you can use Spotlight to serve your local audience! Learn more about how you can receive Spotlight programs.

If you have another idea of how to use Spotlight programs, please contact us.