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Spotlight English has always been a free way to learn English. You can listen to interesting stories in English. You can practice your English listening and speaking while also learning about the world. But have you ever wanted MORE Spotlight English content?

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You may have heard our recent programs where we say “Members hear more”. If you like Spotlight English content, you can now join people all over the world who are getting MORE from Spotlight English. People from Brazil to Vietnam, and from Spain to Russia, are joining our English-learning community.

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At the basic level you will get badges and emojis featuring Liz and Adam. The badges show how long you have been a committed Spotlight English member. The emojis are a fun way to react to programs you like or do not like. Your name will also appear as a member in every video after you join.


At the Advanced level you will get everything in the basic level. You can also see our Exclusive members-only videos. These videos include extra English vocabulary, shorter Spotlight English programs with additional content, and other fun videos that no one else can see. But you will also be able to request one PDF script of any program every month. You can keep the script forever!


At the conversational level, you will get everything in both the previous levels! You can also request up to 3 PDF scripts of any programs every month. And we will make a special shout-out video just for you. You can request one video a year for your birthday, a new job, or other fun event!


Finally, at the fluent level, you get everything in the previous levels. But you also can request 5 PDF scripts every month. AND you get access to our private FB group. Talk to Liz and Adam directly through this group. Share your favorite programs or other English learning tools! This is a group for members all around the world can help each other learn English together in a fun and easy way.

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The support from our members helps us pay for writers and producers. Writers research programs to make sure they are interesting and accurate. Members also support our efforts to tell other people about Spotlight and to create videos about US culture and world stories.

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We hope that you will choose to join our community and support Spotlight English. We love helping you practice your English. We hope to continue making quality programs that Thank you so much for considering joining as a member!