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6381 Criollo: Horses of Argentina

Horses are an important part of culture and working life in Argentina. Colin Lowther and Liz Waid look at the celebrated Argentina horse: the Criollo horse.

6382 Birth Order Theory

Rena Dam and Liz Waid look at birth order theory. How does a child's place in the family affect his character? Why are children from the same family often so different from one another?

[repeat of 5251, 5812]

6383 Plastic Bag Art

Plastic bags create waste and pollution in countries around the world. Liz Waid and Joshua Leo look at two groups creating art from this waste.

[repeat of 5831]

6384 Broken Beauty

Is there value in repairing something that has been broken? Does a broken thing ever gain value, after it is broken? Colin Lowther and Robin Basselin look at the beauty that can come after an accident.

6385 Racing Dragon Boats

Liz Waid and Nick Page look at dragon boat racing. Why has this ancient sport become popular around the world?

[repeat of 5242, 5824]