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6111 From Enemies to Peace Workers

Can enemies work together? Ryan Geertsma and Robin Basselin tell the story of two enemies who share a message of peace.

6112 Dangerous Books

Why are books forbidden in different countries around the world? Ryan Geertsma and Liz Waid look at why books get banned.

[repeat of 4962, 5533]

6113 Spain's Stolen Children

Ryan Geertsma and Liz Waid tell the sad story of stolen children in Spain. Thousands of babies were stolen from their families - but how, and why?

[repeat of 5504]

6114 Eat Insects: Save the World

Do you like to eat insects? Anne Muir and Liz Waid look at this important food source. Eating insects may even save the world!

6115 Jiro Ono: A Life of Making Food

Liz Waid and Ryan Geertsma look at the life and work of expert sushi chef Jiro Ono. He is one of the best chefs in the world, but he continues to work hard to improve.

[repeat of 5514]