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6331 Cesar Chavez: Fighting for Workers Rights

How do workers get better treatrment? Cesar Chavez worked to improve the lives of farm workers in the United States. Colin Lowther and Katy Blake tell his story.

6332 Future of Music

Does music need a person to write it? Or can a computer make music? Liz Waid and Nick Page answer these questions.

[repeat of 5201, 5764]

6333 Listener Mail 138

What do you think about artificial intelligence? Bitcoin? Nursery rhymes? Katy Blake and Liz Waid share your thoughts and responses on recent programs.

6334 Refugees United: Bringing Families Together

How often do you talk to your family? Liz Waid and Mike Procter look at an organization helping refugees find lost family members.

[repeat of 5754]

6335 Chasing Storms

Would you go out in a dangerous storm? Katy Blake and Liz Waid look at people who chase tornados to get information and pictures.

[repeat of 5781]