Two new Spotlight English Clubs! These clubs are only open to people living in Germany or China.

Germany: Club meets Sundays at 9:30 pm.
China: Club meets Saturday at 11:00 am (GMT/UTC +8:00)

If you live in Germany or China, and you are available at the club time, email Send us:
First name, Family name, Skype username, Email address, Gender, Your country.

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6301 The City of Dubai

Robin Basselin and Ryan Geertsma look at the history and future of Dubai. This major global city has changed a lot in the last 40 years.

6302 Fighting Climate Change with Faith in Malawi

How are you fighting climate change? Robin Basselin and Ryan Geertsma look at one community group trying to find long term solutions to the problem of drought.

[repeat of 5731]

6303 No More Ivory Trade

Have you seen ivory art and objects? Would you ever buy something made from ivory? Liz Waid and Ryan Geertsma look at the dangerous and harmful global trade in ivory from elephants.

6304 Thin Models

Do you like to look at fashion models? Colin Lowther and Katy Blake look at the problem of unhealthy models in the fashion industry.

[repeat of 5721]

6305 The Placebo Effect

Nick Page and Christy Van Arragon look at the placebo effect. How does the mind affect the body? How can a placebo help or hurt our health?

[repeat of 5161, 5712]